11 avril 2008

MMS from Beauvallon beach

Isn't he cute?
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11 avril 2008

A day snorkelling...

Hey there! We're enjoying life here in the Seychelles, as you can see, the view's not too bad Ici tout va bien, comme tu le vois Frankie, la vie est pas trop dure finalement... ;-) we,ve been snorkelling all day, seen lots of colourful fishes... and now we're off to a nice restaurant... can't stop for more now - not that we have enough of talking to whoever's reading - but internet connection is cr#p! on a nage au milieu des petits poissons toute la journee, ensuite un petit verre qui va bien, puis restaurant Le... [Lire la suite]
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11 avril 2008

Day 3 - Snorkelling in Beauvallon, what we saw

What we saw above and under the water on day 3... - Résumé en image des activités du 3e jour... yeah, I know I'm standing against the light, but it's probably better that way, lol! don't I look pretty with my new shades? so now we're ready to go snorkelling! and here's some of the fish we saw ... Yellow-tail Blue Damsels - Demoiselles jaunes et bleues (Chrysiptera parasema) - ok, so this pic is a bit of a cheat, there were lots of them though, but I didn't manage to catch them on camera, so the background is, indeed the... [Lire la suite]
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