first vision of Anse Lazio

Hi all!! Coucou a tous!!

Voici l'Anse Lazio, une des plus belles plages de Praslin (pour ne pas dire du monde!!) Comme toutes les belles choses, elle se merite... beaucoup de marche a pied en cote (raide) et en descente (non moins raide).
xxxxxxxxx K


Here is Anse Lazio, undisputedly one of the most amazing beaches in the world - you have to deserve it, there's steep climbing up and down  to have access to it, but once you finally get there, what a reward!!

xxxxxxxxxxxxx K

these rocks shelter gorgeous fish-life

I can't accurately describe my feelings at discovering the full scale of Anse Lazio's stunning beauty, but I think it reads easily enough on my face!! ;-)

and one more for the road...